Top 8 Best Men’s Formal Shoes (Updated 2022)

Formal Shoes For Mens

Generally, there are various models of men’s formal shoes which are commonly referred to as loafers. In fact, the designation is not appropriate and there are many types of men’s party shoes that can be adapted to their respective activities. Without the exception of formal shoes, various models seem to be ready in the closet.

Many types of formal events such as weddings, meetings, or others. It’s the same with formal shoes which also have a variety of models. You can adjust the formal shoe model to suit your personality and appearance style. See any models through the following summary:

1. Oxford

Oxford Shoes

If you want to find the most classic formal shoes, the answer is Oxford shoes. Most people already know the Oxford shoe model because of its timeless design. So, men’s Oxford shoes are the right to buy for those of you who want to buy formal shoes for the first time.

Closed lacing makes this shoe model less flexible. But this is precisely what makes Oxford shoes more formal than others. Try to choose Oxford shoes with the best quality so that they are more durable when used.

2. Wingtip

Wingtip Shoes

Already have black Oxford shoes on the shoe rack? This a sign that you have to collect the next must-have shoe that has a wingtip model. These shoes are not as formal as Oxford shoes, but they can still give the user a classy impression. Of course, because of the pointed toecap detail in the shape of an “M” or “W”, these shoes still give a formal impression. Try choosing brown shoes that are no less versatile and can be easily combined with your clothes.

3. Derby

Derby Shoes

If previously there were Oxford shoes that should only be worn for formal events, this time there are derby shoe models. This shoe design is not much different from the previous model. In fact, most people are often confused between one another. The difference is in the open lacing of the derby shoes.

The open lacing of these shoes gives the impression of flexibility but is a little less formal. So it’s appropriate for those of you who want to use it in a smart-casual style.

4. Brogue


You can actually find this type of formal shoe in Oxford and derby. Because brogue shoes are related to the characteristics of perforated decoration accents on formal shoes. There is a unique function in brogue shoes, the holes in these shoes are useful to help remove water in the shoes.

But now the benefits are more than that because it can make your shoes stand out and have character thanks to the details they have. For the formal level, brogue shoes are not as formal as Oxford shoes. Usually, these shoes are more suitable for use to the office.

5. Monk Strap

Monk Strap

Looking for more trendy and stylish formal shoes? Take a look at the monk strap model. The most striking difference with previous models is in the wide leather shoulder straps for the shoelaces. That’s the reason this shoe is named “strap” which is useful for fastening shoes. Some of these straps have one or two shoulder straps. Both can be worn at formal and smart-casual events. Your appearance will also leave a strong European-style impression when wearing a monk strap.

6. Penny Loafers

Penny Loafers

The model that was once recognized as the official shoe for preps around the world is now accepted as a street-style shoe. Penny loafers have a distinctive use of strap tires on the tongue of their shoes with additional details on the inside of the leather made of diamond-shaped slits. You can pair these shoes with rolled-up trousers and your appearance will look more effortless and neat.

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7. Saddle


For those of you who want to use Oxford shoes with a more casual style, have you tried the saddle shoe model? The two are indeed similar, except that the saddle has a leather patch in the middle of the shoe. The patch can be the same color or different from the base color. These shoes are specially designed for casual events. So don’t you ever try to use it on a formal agenda, okay?

8. Boat Shoes

Boat Shoes

For classic men who like casual-formal style, this one shoe is a must-have. The appearance that looks very comfortable makes young people like it a lot. You can combine these semi-formal shoes with any pants. In fact, you can give a relaxed look that is still elegant by wearing these boat shoes plus shorts and a shirt.

Now, you already know that men’s formal shoes are not just that. Come on, start a collection of other formal shoe models, visit right now and enjoy various interesting promotions!