5 Tips for Buying Adidas Sports Shoes in Online Stores

Tips for Buying Adidas Sports Shoes

If you don’t have time to shop for Adidas sports shoes directly at the physical store, buying these shoes at an online store can also be an alternative. Currently, there are many online stores that make it easy for buyers, especially those who want to buy shoes.

Well, it should be noted, if you want to buy sports shoes online, you must be careful. There are so many fake sports shoes on sale and sometimes it’s hard to tell them apart.

Therefore, let’s pay attention to 5 tips for buying Adidas sports shoes at online stores so that we can get high-quality goods and the items we are looking for are indeed what we want.

1. First Determine What Type of Shoes You Want to Buy

Say, you want to buy sports shoes. Okay, will be used for sports, what are the shoes? To play basketball? To play Futsal? To play ball?

So, look for a trusted online store that divides the categories of Adidas sports shoes so that buyers can find the shoes they are after easily. Thus, the buyer does not have to bother checking the products in the online marketplace one by one just to find the sports shoes he is looking for.

2. Pay Attention to Product Details and Descriptions

Product Details and Descriptions

For example, you want to buy original Adidas James Harden BTE shoes. Apparently, it’s very difficult to find in physical stores. If anything, it was very expensive.

Apparently, you found it in one of the online stores at a cheaper price. Don’t be immediately tempted by cheap prices, okay? Look carefully at the details and product descriptions.

Know whether the product is new or used, what sizes are available, how is the condition of the shoes, are the photos of the products displayed are real or just taken from the internet, and so on.

If you are still not sure about the product, don’t hesitate to contact the seller.

3. See Reviews from Other Buyers

This is a powerful way to find out whether the online store is trusted or not. So, before buying Adidas sports shoes, don’t be lazy to check the review column, OK? If many customers say, “The product is good, arrived quickly” or “Fast response seller, good packaging, fast delivery of goods. Great! ”, it can be concluded that the online shop is indeed a guaranteed service and product.

However, again and again, if you are still not completely sure, contact the seller directly to ask further questions, yes.

4. Also Pay Attention to The Return Policy

Shoot! It turns out that the Adidas sports shoes you bought are too small. Can you change the size to a bigger size or not?

Well, for this, you can actually prevent it by measuring your own foot size. Then, consult the seller, with a foot length of about a cm, is it suitable for the size of the shoes they have?

However, if you have consulted with the seller, but the goods you get are not as ordered, it’s a good idea not to forget about the return policy. Make sure the online shop owner has full refund rules or product return rules that don’t make it difficult for customers. Actually, there are also online stores that have rules where they can replace or exchange goods for free, without being charged any other additional fees.

5. Choose the Faster Shipping Option

Choose the Faster Shipping Option

Usually, online stores offer a variety of shipping options. There is one-day delivery with slightly more expensive postage, there are 2-3 working days, and there are also 5-7 days too. In addition, there are also those who take advantage of delivery via online transportation so that the goods purchased really reach the buyer’s hands quickly.

If you can’t wait to wear your newest Adidas sneakers, choosing the one-day delivery option or online transportation will be very useful.

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Top 8 Best Men’s Formal Shoes (Updated 2022)

Formal Shoes For Mens

Generally, there are various models of men’s formal shoes which are commonly referred to as loafers. In fact, the designation is not appropriate and there are many types of men’s party shoes that can be adapted to their respective activities. Without the exception of formal shoes, various models seem to be ready in the closet.

Many types of formal events such as weddings, meetings, or others. It’s the same with formal shoes which also have a variety of models. You can adjust the formal shoe model to suit your personality and appearance style. See any models through the following summary:

1. Oxford

Oxford Shoes

If you want to find the most classic formal shoes, the answer is Oxford shoes. Most people already know the Oxford shoe model because of its timeless design. So, men’s Oxford shoes are the right to buy for those of you who want to buy formal shoes for the first time.

Closed lacing makes this shoe model less flexible. But this is precisely what makes Oxford shoes more formal than others. Try to choose Oxford shoes with the best quality so that they are more durable when used.

2. Wingtip

Wingtip Shoes

Already have black Oxford shoes on the shoe rack? This a sign that you have to collect the next must-have shoe that has a wingtip model. These shoes are not as formal as Oxford shoes, but they can still give the user a classy impression. Of course, because of the pointed toecap detail in the shape of an “M” or “W”, these shoes still give a formal impression. Try choosing brown shoes that are no less versatile and can be easily combined with your clothes.

3. Derby

Derby Shoes

If previously there were Oxford shoes that should only be worn for formal events, this time there are derby shoe models. This shoe design is not much different from the previous model. In fact, most people are often confused between one another. The difference is in the open lacing of the derby shoes.

The open lacing of these shoes gives the impression of flexibility but is a little less formal. So it’s appropriate for those of you who want to use it in a smart-casual style.

4. Brogue


You can actually find this type of formal shoe in Oxford and derby. Because brogue shoes are related to the characteristics of perforated decoration accents on formal shoes. There is a unique function in brogue shoes, the holes in these shoes are useful to help remove water in the shoes.

But now the benefits are more than that because it can make your shoes stand out and have character thanks to the details they have. For the formal level, brogue shoes are not as formal as Oxford shoes. Usually, these shoes are more suitable for use to the office.

5. Monk Strap

Monk Strap

Looking for more trendy and stylish formal shoes? Take a look at the monk strap model. The most striking difference with previous models is in the wide leather shoulder straps for the shoelaces. That’s the reason this shoe is named “strap” which is useful for fastening shoes. Some of these straps have one or two shoulder straps. Both can be worn at formal and smart-casual events. Your appearance will also leave a strong European-style impression when wearing a monk strap.

6. Penny Loafers

Penny Loafers

The model that was once recognized as the official shoe for preps around the world is now accepted as a street-style shoe. Penny loafers have a distinctive use of strap tires on the tongue of their shoes with additional details on the inside of the leather made of diamond-shaped slits. You can pair these shoes with rolled-up trousers and your appearance will look more effortless and neat.

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7. Saddle


For those of you who want to use Oxford shoes with a more casual style, have you tried the saddle shoe model? The two are indeed similar, except that the saddle has a leather patch in the middle of the shoe. The patch can be the same color or different from the base color. These shoes are specially designed for casual events. So don’t you ever try to use it on a formal agenda, okay?

8. Boat Shoes

Boat Shoes

For classic men who like casual-formal style, this one shoe is a must-have. The appearance that looks very comfortable makes young people like it a lot. You can combine these semi-formal shoes with any pants. In fact, you can give a relaxed look that is still elegant by wearing these boat shoes plus shorts and a shirt.

Now, you already know that men’s formal shoes are not just that. Come on, start a collection of other formal shoe models, visit Curryone.org right now and enjoy various interesting promotions!

8 Ways to Overcome Oversized Shoes

Ordering shoes online can sometimes be difficult to find the right size for your feet. Sometimes, you also feel confused by the measurements that have been explained by the seller.

Of course, buying a shoe size that is too big or too small will make you uncomfortable when wearing it later. This will also add work if you need to return it to the seller.

However, you don’t need to be afraid anymore if you buy shoes. If your shoes come in a size that doesn’t match your expectations, you can take several ways to make your new shoes fit your foot size.

Besides being uncomfortable, oversized shoes are also prone to making users easy to stumble, fall, and even stumble forward.

Well, you don’t have to worry about that problem. Because CurryOne will tell you how to deal with oversized shoes that are easy to do. Come on, go ahead, see below!

1. Wearing an Elastic Band

Wearing an Elastic Band

You can adjust shoes or heels that are too big using an elastic band or elastic like this. Rubber-like this will adjust the shoe to the shape of your foot.

By wearing this, a large shoe size will be more fitting for your feet. Of course, the elastic band method won’t make your feet hurt either.

2. Wearing Thick Socks

Wearing Thick Socks

When using shoes, of course, we use socks so that our feet don’t blister. Use thick socks so that they can fill the space of an oversized shoe.

However, it is not recommended to use socks in up to two layers at once, because it will make you sweat more easily and make it more uncomfortable to carry out various activities.

You can also choose socks that match your shoes so you still look cool and comfortable!

3. Adding the Insole

Adding the Insole

How to deal with oversized heels does not seem suitable if you use socks tactics. Well, to outsmart, try to use the insole.

What are insoles? So, the insole is a layer that is generally placed between the sole of the shoe and the sole of the foot.

In addition to making the shoe volume more filled, the insole can also increase the comfort level of its users, you know. This is because the insole has a soft and soft texture.

4. Adding Shoe Filling Gel

Adding Shoe Filling Gel

Not only the insole, but you can also use shoe-filling gel to reduce the empty space in the shoe evenly.

This alternative has various forms. Choose according to your needs. If the shoes are too big on the long side, you can use shoe gel that is placed on the back of the foot.

If the shoe is too big in terms of volume, choose a gel that fits the shape of the shoe.

5. Sewing Shoes

Sewing Shoes

This one solution is suitable for those of you who can sew. Measure the foot and the empty space on the shoe, then sew the rubber back of the shoe so that it becomes smaller.

In this case, the rubber used is a rubber similar to a hair tie or pants, namely an elastic rubber. However, if in doubt, you can go to a cobbler and ask him to sew your shoes.

6. Using Heel Grips

Using Heel Grips

Oversized shoe boosters that you can try are heel grips. As the name implies, this is perfect for those of you who are looking for a way to deal with oversized heels.

The texture of this tool is foam or sponge. Using this tool makes the shoe size more fitting and comfortable to use.

However, you can use this patch not only for heels, but you can also use this patch on flat shoes or boots.

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7. Stuffing Tissue, Newspaper, or Foam

Stuffing Tissue, Newspaper, or Foam

In addition to the method above, there are ways to deal with oversized shoes that are easy for you to practice. Only by using a tissue, newspaper, or foam plug, you can get around shoes that are too big.

Place this cuff on the back of your foot and use the cuff sparingly. Don’t let the shoes become too small and uncomfortable when worn, OK?

8. Utilize Foot Pads

Utilize Foot Pads

The last solution for oversized shoes is to use a foot cushion. You can easily get these soft pads at various shoe stores.

Besides being able to reduce the volume of large shoes, foot cushions are also durable and can make shoe users more comfortable for activities.

Usually, these pads are used for the owners of heels. So, it is perfect for those of you who are looking for a booster for heels!

Those are various ways and solutions for oversized shoes that you can practice. Not hard to do right? Choose the easiest way and match your shoe type.

If you just want to buy shoes, you can also find various women’s shoes easily through Curry One. Come on, visit Curry One right now and enjoy various interesting promos!